mephoto2Hi, and WELCOME to The Corporate Chick! My name is Cara and I’m passionate about bringing a bit of rural life into my otherwise corporate world.

This site is all about trying to be a bit more self reliant and enjoying a little slice of country living as well as my day to day thoughts and experiences.

I’ve been keeping chickens and growing vegetables for the last 5 years and aim to build on that as I go along.

I encourage you to browse my website, read my experiences, and like, share and comment anything that grabs you.

Thanks for stopping by! … Cara


Using Composted Chicken Droppings For Better Vegetables

I have read it so often it must be true that one of the best fertilizers in the world that is ...

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Ginger Beer Plants

Make your own additive free drink for hyperactive kids! Easy to make & easy to ...

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